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Online Coupon Builder

Your customers are looking for ways to save money on the products or services they need. Send them a discount coupon to earn their business & get more repeat business almost instantly.

No technical skills required. If you can follow the wizard, you can do it all.

Coupon Designer

Use our easy to use online coupon builder platform to design your own digital coupon to send it to your customers & prospects.​ If you can follow the wizard, you can design a coupon.​

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Online Builder

Design your online coupon builder platform from any device, laptop or desktop to access your campaign, design & send. It's super easy.

It is a cloud-based solution.

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Responsive Coupons

Your digital coupons are responsive which means that your coupons can be accessed online, on mobile devices, mobile wallet & more. It is device friendly.


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Design Mulitple Campaigns

You can design multiple coupon campaigns based on your needs & requirements. You will have a full control over your campaigns.

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Validation System

Access to our full coupon validation system to make sure that the coupons are valid & prevent from any excess usage.



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Multi-Channel Distribution

Design your coupons and send them to your customers the way you like. For instance, via email, sms, ibeacon etc..



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Integrate payment platform such as strip to accept payments, donations & more. It's easy & secure. Capture leads & more by integrating 3rd party apps.​


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List Manager

Upload your list of existing customers & easily manage groups & results based on the segments created. Need help, we can assist.


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Use our dashboard to monitor your campaigns, results & get a bird's eye view about the conversion using our built-in analytics for free.


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Features & What You Can Do Using Our

Digital Coupon Platform


Add gamification to your campaigns.

Mobile Wallet Integration

Easily integrate our wallet into mobie wallets.


Require social login from customer for leads & more.

Capture Big Data

Capture big data from your customers for better analysis.

App Installation

Make your customer take an action by installing an app 

Accept Payments

Accept payment using stripe integration for anything.

Flexible Ways To Save

Easily save our coupons the way you like in many ways.

Coupon Sharing

Multiple ways to share your coupons via various channels.

Multiple Locale Validation

Easily add multiple locations for coupons validations.

Coupon Expiration Feature

Add flexible coupon expiration feature to attract rapid sales.

Sell Via Coupons

Sell using coupons such as food, retail item or anything.

Mobile Device Validation

Use our app for validating coupon usingour mobile device.

Via WiFi Network

Give access to your consumer using your free wifi and route them via your coupon. It's one of the most cost effective way.


Distribute coupons via SMS. Easiest and most reliable way of reaching your customers in real time.

Via Email Marketing

We can connect our platform with several email service providers & easily distribute coupons to your customers via email.

Via QR Code

QR codes are ideal for offline marketing such as print marketing, flyers, business cards, posters etc... 

Via Social Media

Share your coupons on social media such as on Twitter, Facebook, Watsapp, Google+, Viber, Skype etc using our link.

Via Single & Smart Link

Distribute coupons via smart links to your favorite media outlet to get the mass exposure & conversions.

Multiple-Channels To Distribute Coupons

We offer wide ranges of coupon distribution channels to meet your needs. Pick any or pick all to distribute your coupons. It is simple and easy. Simply signup & explore our platform.


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